Visionary Shamanics releases a heady winter comp! Changa Renegades

Visionary Shamanics is happy to present another epic psychedelically psydubtastic shamanic psybass tribally multicultural psybient downtempo ethnic trip in :


Forests all around earth are calling for eco-regeneration
Prayers & blessings at all the sacred ritual sites resonation
Let the sacred bass frequencies wash through in meditation
A wormhole of colourful fractals the eyes will consume
Absent of all and any fear now souls begin to bloom
Divine light of sacred geometries now takes shape
Pineal rainbowy perceptions are guiding the way
Wild shamanic renegades exploring tryptamine states
Entheogenic plant patterns flowing to contemplate
Deep in the jungle altered states in the dreaming
Depth of the various natural magics in the healings
Bardo realm hopping in the voids excursions
Spirits of the great abyss voyaging immersions
Pioneering the vessels of the innerverse to take
Indescribable realms unfathomable to relate
A supernova expansion majestic and sensational
Mystically interdimensional this rebellion is spiritual

Released December 21, 2020

Visionary Art – CRYSTAL FREAK
Shamanic Poetry & compilied by MYSTICAL VOYAGER

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