Sounds of Desert Trax 2021

Explore a carefully-chosen journey through the musical offering of Desert Trax; a label spearheaded by the mighty Desert Dwellers. Founded in 2005 with the ethos of “Music Beyond Borders”, the Desert Trax catalog spans over 145 releases from artists such as Desert Dwellers, Deya, Dova, Drumspyder, Porangui, Lo.Renzo, Jakare, GUMI, Random Rab, Liquid Bloom, HÄANA, Shaman’s Dream, Temple Step Project, Wolf Tech, Martins Garden & many others. In this mix, we aim to seamlessly move through the many iterations of the label’s output and celebrate the rich aural tapestry that makes up their catalogue. Visually, we’re also excited to pair up this mix with Desert Trax’s regular illustrating partner, the spectacular, Gonzalo Rescalvo, a.k.a. Abzzolum.

Tracklist: 00:00:00 Numatik – Stand With Us ft. Yona FrenchHawk & David Brown 00:04:00 @Liquid Bloom – Jaguar Dreaming (@ATYYA Music Remix) 00:07:57 @Jakare – Moon Howl 00:12:43 Saqi (@Serge Klopp) – Dust into Gold ft. Shazieh 00:16:28 Key-G – Ascension Upgrade (Lo.Renzo Mix) 00:20:15 Liquid Bloom – Whispers (DJ Taz Rashid & Momentology Remix) 00:23:50 Liquid Bloom – Ecstatic Grounding (AtYya Remix) 00:27:12 Wolf Tech – Everything is Real 00:31:40 @porangui – Sachamama (@SOOHAN Radio Remix) 00:35:23 @Desert Dwellers – Lotus Heart 00:37:05 Peek – The Mysteries 00:40:40 Humandala – Sun Cycles 00:50:00 Stratusphere – Portal in the Sky

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