Getting DEEP with Mexico’s CIRQULAR

Out now on Merkaba Music, Cirqular is Demian Lara — and we United States residents were blessed to experience his art firsthand a couple years ago at Tipper’s Astral Lights event at Astral Valley (MO) on the main stage. Otherwise, we don’t get this guy coming around much, so we’re pleased to see a full album release on one of our favorite labels right to our inbox. He released one last year in 2019 as well, so we can see he’s on a kick and putting out plenty of good stuff for our ears. Ole!

“From Tepoztlan (Mexico), Demian Lara is back swirling out a new full length powerful album. Deep Nature is not following the traditional album format, it’s a compilation of friend collaborations, own productions and remixes of very different artists from New Zealand, US and Colombia. Cirqular is a reinterpretation of Bass Music subgeneres such as Halftime, Dubstep or Breaks with his own unique touch.
An analytical study of human nature from his personal perspective trough coherent patterns, purified waves and lucid senses.”

Released September 10, 2020

Mastering: Audible Oddities
Artwork: Demian Lara

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