New Discovery from the Holy Land: ElectrowaveZ

“Elemental” out now on Merkaba Music at

Pioneers of the electronic dance music scene in the Middle East, ElectrowaveZ was formed in 2008 by brothers Charlie Shaabi and Richard Savo from Acre, Palestine. Their music is a fusion of influences from the East and West, infused with electrifying scents from the Holy Land.

ElectrowaveZ began their musical career by participating in a remix competition for the Chemical Brothers and the TV show Arrested Development, and landed in the honorary top five. 2008 saw the release of their debut album BrainStorm, which made waves in the local music scene because of its daring lyrical content and musical innovation. It featured criticizing political and social issues that were considered taboo, with a soundtrack comprised of electronic beats fused with Arabic instruments. The album won Ashams Radio station’s Album of the Year in 2008, and the band earned their title as Band of the Year three years in a row.

In 2012, ElectrowaveZ upped their sound with dubstep melodies, arranged with wobbly bass and mixed with broken beats and released their 5 track EP Dubooster, followed by their single, Blaze Up Di Fun in 2012, collaborating with reggae artist Mike Hanna to pump in dubstep and reggae rhythm and bring fresh reggae muffin-style straight to the Dance floor. Blaze Up Di Fun became the first music video for a Palestinian musician to be broadcasted on MTV Israel. Za3tar (Pronounced Za’atar), ElectrowaveZ’ 2013 album, is heavily influenced by full-on, dark, and psychedelic trance. The original compositions and fresh sounds made Za3tar the leading album of the MidEast club scene in 2013.

Fun Fact: The album’s name Za’atar is derived from the popular Middle Eastern herb that carries many benefits such as: healing, memory strengthening and concentration.

ElectrowaveZ has played on the main stage at  many major festivals such as Mukti Gathering, and were featured on the stages of the country’s largest clubs.

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