New from the man, Bassnectar: Reflective IV

Reflective: Part Four. We’ve enjoyed each part so far — because, well, he’s the man, that Bassnectar. This release features some new bangers with PEEKABOO and Jantsen along with Telafon Tel Aviv (who was an opener on the main stage at Deja Voom, and Jantsen appeared in the after parties there as well). The last track is a remix of Leprechaun’s Arise which is a well loved tune by many a basshead.

He debuted three of these songs at Deja Voom in the Riviera Maya (Cancun, Mexico) at the end of February at Barcelo Resort (Irresistable Force, Illusion, It’s About to Get Hectic). We’d recommend grabbing those tickets for 2020 once they go on sale…. they’ll sell out immediately and it’s worth the investment for the high quality and lush experience.

Track List:
Irresistable Force (w/ Hailo)
Dive ft. RD
Illusion ft. Born I (w/PEEKABOO)
It’s About To Get Hectic ft. Born I (w/ Jantsen)
Telafon Tel Aviv’s Sound in a Dark Room (Bassnectar Remix)
Leprechaun’s Arise ft. SUNRU (Mothership Remix)

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